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Measurement Plans with the Click of the Mouse

The total program for standard geometries and more

CALYPSO has revolutionized programming in measuring technology. Its feature-oriented interface provides unparalleled ease of use. Intuitively create measuring programs by selecting the feature used in the CAD design drawing. Enter size, form and position tolerances directly from the CAD model.


Many tasks – one tool

CALYPSO is designed for manual and CNC measurements, online and offline programming. CALYPSO is multisensor capable and supports all current sensors and measuring capabilities from Carl Zeiss. Via the I++ DME interface, CALYPSO allows you to control non-ZEISS measuring systems such as 3D measuring machines, articulated arm measuring machines, laser trackers and computer tomographs.

Collision-free – automatically

As soon as you define a part feature and the associated tolerances with a few clicks of the mouse, CALYPSO automatically generates an appropriate measuring strategy that can be modified and applied to other features at any time. CALYPSO quickly moves the stylus around the workpiece without collisions and approaches the part features correctly – you are free to deal with other tasks.

Dynamic mini-plan

CALYPSO’s hierarchical design and feature-oriented programming give you the flexibility to focus your measurement planning on the production process. For example, you can interrupt measuring runs to quickly measure another part. The interrupted measurement can be easily continued afterwards. More intelligent scanning with VAST Navigator CALYPSO supports VAST Navigator – the fifth generation of scanning from Carl Zeiss. Without unnecessary interruptions and with optimal approach and travel paths, VAST Navigator allows you to measure smoothly in one run. A tangential approach is standard. Fully integrated intelligence enables CALYPSO to determine the maximum scanning speed depending on the required accuracy.

Optional interfaces: IGES 2D/3D, VDA 2D/3D, STEP 3D, DXF 2D, PMI, and FTA can be directly processed.

Optional direct interfaces: ParaSolid, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, ProEngineer, UniGraphics, Inventor, Solid Works

CALYPSO options

Extension: Tools for Special Jobs


Measure and calculate 2D and 3D curves. Inspection features: curve slope, cam throw, curve length, curve form, surface area, etc. Fields of application: crankshafts, cam shafts, turbine blades, powertrains.

CALYPSO freeform surfaces

Measurement of freeform surfaces. Deviations from plan are marked in color. Typical fields of application include medical technology, moldmaking and engine construction in which freeform surfaces have to be inspected along with standard geometries.

CALYPSO preset

Preset erosion electrodes and processing tools. Users are graphically guided through the manual measuring run. The most commonly used measurement plans are saved. CNC extensions are available for square and round basic geometries.


Menu-guided control of parameter-supported measuring runs. Workpiece variations can be efficiently measured using a measurement plan parameterized with CALYPSO PCM.

CALYPSO simulation

Virtual collision observation. The part, clamping equipment, stylus, probe, base plate, rotary table, measuring range, or the entire measuring machine, are simulated in the CAD window. In conjunction with CALYPSO planner, measuring runs can be generated and simulated remotely.

CALYPSO/qs-STAT export

Export measuring results in the Q-DAS format for analysis in the qs-STAT statistics program. CALYPSO qs-STAT export converts the CALYPSO result files from a CNC measuring run into Q-DAS description and value files. With qs-STAT, you can then statistically evaluate production processes, for example.

CALYPSO planner

The offline version of CALYPSO. Use CALYPSO planner to write measuring programs offline. Your measuring machine is not blocked by CALYPSO planner and can continue being used for additional measurements. CALYPSO planner saves the finished measuring program. Furthermore, it can be loaded and run at any time with CALYPSO. In conjunction with CALYPSO simulation, measuring runs can be generated and simulated remotely.

FACS automation

FACS (Flexible Automation and Control System) is used to integrate the measurement cells into CIM automation environments. FACS establishes the connection between the measuring cell and the process control computer. This allows you to initiate measuring runs from a customer-specific user interface.


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