VAST gold

Peak scanning performance guaranteed

The active scanning sensor offers higher dynamics through optimized moving masses and higher rigidity resulting from optimized joints.

Product Overview

VAST gold is the ideal sensor for contact scanning and single-point measurements with long styli up to 800 mm and stylus weights up to 600 g. Asymmetrical stylus configurations can also be used with VAST gold.


VAST gold is also known for its high scanning speeds with navigator technology. Thanks to the integrated collision protection, VAST gold is extremely robust. Dynamic damping enables continuous operation. The probing force can be adjusted to the stylus geometry and the workpiece material, and is always constant – it can be programmed between 50 and 1,000 millinewtons.


In combination with navigator technology in particular – object-oriented CALYPSO software from Carl Zeiss featuring automatically generated measurement strategies – VAST gold increases the measuring performance and thus productivity considerably. The FlyScan and QuickChange technologies in the Performance Package ensure maximum productivity. The short travel path on FlyScan results in time savings of up to 40 percent. The QuickChange function accelerates the automatic change out of measuring styli by up to 60 percent.