Manage coordinate measuring technology via the intranet

ZEISS Master Control Center

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ZEISS Master Control Center


  • Central organization of measuring machines, software, reports and other documents
  • Master Control Center for coordinate metrology
  • Web-based user and access management
  • Clear structure
  • Ease of use
  • Index-based full text search
  • Modular design

Central knowledge platform for coordinate metrology

The ZEISS Master Control Center organizes measuring machines, measuring software, reports and documents of different formats on the corporate intranet. This is a management system and knowledge portal specially optimized for coordinate metrology. It ensures that centrally organized metrology information is available where it is needed. Its technical basis is a secure server on the corporate intranet with web-based user and access management.

Easy operation and administration

Due to its intuitive operation and easy management, users of the ZEISS Master Control Center do not require any training or special courses. The content is clearly structured and easy to understand. It can be customized at any time and supplemented with new forums, albums and files. The index-based full text search enables users to access the data they need quickly and easily. The search function scans all types of documents: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text and others.

Modular design

Because the ZEISS Master Control Center has a modular structure, investment costs can be easily calculated. Implementation can be performed step by step to meet your specific requirements.