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ZEISS PiWeb Module Monitor

Monitor is designed to be powerful and yet easy to use. Product-specific and generic reports allow you to access your process data at any time from any place. Dynamic reports allow you analyze relevant data immediately during the production process.

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  • Monitor quality data and process control in real time
  • Easy navigation through all measurement data (detail pages for data analysis, separation and grouping for cluster analysis)
  • Easy access to all important statistical values and calculations
  • Interactive CAD visualizations
  • Populate common studies like Gage R&R and assembly analysis

Dynamic and interactive

Monitor can immediately show you the most recent measurements from your ZEISS PiWeb Module Server. All charts and evaluations built into the report will instantly display the new data. For an in-depth measurement analysis, Monitor enables you to access all of the most important statistical values and analyses with just a single click. You can easily navigate a large pool of reports using linked reports or report pages.

Detail pages

Detail pages allow you inspect tolerance deviations and process variations. Monitor features the most common detail pages while making it easy to create and add custom pages.


For a detailed analysis you can easily access the most common statistical parameters, such as minimum, maximum, mean and standard deviation as well as cp and cpk values. You can either display these parameters directly on the report pages or access them by clicking on any of the plots.

Gage repeatability & reproducibility

The process of obtaining measurements is subject to similar variations as the production process itself.

ZEISS PiWeb helps you to evaluate the accuracy of your measurement process using measurement system analysis types I, II and III. Meaningful plots as well as all the required statistical values (Average & Range or ANOVA) make it easy to conduct these measurement system analysis studies with ZEISS PiWeb. Monitor‘s interactive manual measurement input facilitates the collection of all required data.



Monitor can show measurement results directly in the CAD model. CAD models remain interactive, which means they can still be rotated, scaled and moved in the final report.

ZEISS PiWeb also supports the evaluation of point cloud data obtained from optical measurements, such as data in G3D format.


Interactive manual measurement input

Even today a lot of measurement data is obtained using manual gages. Monitor facilitates this process by allowing you to enter measured values directly into the report. Input masks reduce incorrect data entry and inspectors get immediate graphical feedback regarding tolerance and warning limit violations.