ZEISS Large CMMs For Reliably Testing Large-Volume Components

Gear housings

Gear housing is used to guide all existing waves along the bearing. It ensures that wheels have the necessary variance – no matter how much stress and strain – without impairing their rotary motion and, potentially, their line movement. It must also absorb bearing reactions and reaction moments and be able to dampen noise and vibrations as well as reliably absorb lubricant.The dimensions of these gear housings continue to increase because of the demand for more efficient powertrain components.


Fit measurement must be extremely precise with these workpieces, including deep in the interior of the gear housing, to prevent an imbalance and consequently premature wear and tear. The efficiency and therefore the overall efficiency of the gear mechanism is significantly increased because of narrow tolerance.The measurement results achieved with the tried-and-tested ZEISSCALYPSO basic software are compiled directly using the ZEISS PiWebreporting system and are immediately converted into meaningfulinformation.