ZEISS Large CMMs For Reliably Testing Large-Volume Components

Components for power and traffic technology and tool machines

Rotors with a diameter of more than 60 meters anchored on multi-ton mounts – when you think of the size of modern wind turbines, it is easy to forget how much precision is required to ensure that power will be generated reliably for years to come.The rotor hub is a prime example of the exacting requirements that must be fulfilled in quality inspection.


This central part accommodates three rotor blades as well as the drive shaft, which transfers the rotary motion to the generator. On a turbine that generates up to 1.5 megawatts of power, the rotor hub is two meters across, weighs around 7.5 tons and rotates on the nacelle at a height of 75 meters. The maximum error of the perfectly round shape of the boreholes in the nacelle must not be greater than 30 micrometers.If this tolerance is exceeded, the customer would immediately return the parts because the expense of replacing the components when a wind turbine unexpectedly fails would be too high.