ZEISS MMZ E Ideal for the flush-floor loading of large parts

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ZEISS MMZ E Gantry CMM with Large Measuring Range

ZEISS MMZ E gantry measuring machines are ideal for inspecting workpieces which are transported via floor conveyors because these measuring machines offer open access from all four sides. Crane loading can also be easily performed.

MMZ E measuring machines from ZEISS are used, for example, in the mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace industries and for the inspection of satellite technology. They are particularly well-suited for the inspection of large workpieces.

At a glance

Ergonomically-correct work

  • All-sided view of measuring range
  • All-sided access for crane loading
  • Wireless control panel for ergonomic operation

Additional configurations

  • Aluminum ram for a cost-effective entry-level configuration
  • Ceramic ram for precise, active scanning

Safety for the operator and the machine

  • Light barrier around the measuring machine to protect the operator when they enter the measuring range
  • Safety position for the bridge to ensure safe loading of the coordinate measuring machine with large workpieces

Future-proof and high-quality

  • Articulating probe holder for maximum flexibility and minimizedcosts with measuring styli
  • Optical sensor for capturing freeform surfaces

Technical data summary of the ZEISS MMZ E Coordinate Measuring Machine

Length measurement error: MPE_E150 from 3.3 + L/230 μm
Single stylus probing error: MPE_PFTU from 3.0 μ
Scanning probing error: MPE_THP/tau from 3.5 μ / 70 s
Form measuring error: MPE RONt from 4.0 μm