2D Measuring ans Inspecting Cells

100% optical quality inspection

2D image processing systems from ZEISS enable 100% optical quality inspection. Total solutions focused directly on customer tasks are available and are based on the ZEISS module kit, which was developed with the application in mind.

2D Measuring and Inspecting Cells

The module approach is represented via the structure and range of functions of our MVS-2D software platform. For example, with our image processing software, multiple product features can be captured simultaneously with a variable number of cameras and efficiently analyzed.

Our system solutions are scalable thanks to our extensive sensor portfolio featuring intelligent single cameras up to PC-based multiple-camera systems.

Modular Kits

Applications and Setup

2D image processing systems are used for assembly and production monitoring. The cameras and illumination systems can be easily integrated into the production process. The individual cameras can be flexibly mounted, whereby a large number of cameras and associated illumination elements are positioned in a tight space.


The parts are illuminated using near infrared (NIR) LEDs which reach their maximum intensity outside the visible spectral range and thus reduce the influence of ambient light. The housing is compact, robust and suitable for a wide range of industries, and can therefore be deployed in rough production environments, as well as in systems with minimal space.


Various camera systems can be used depending on the number of cameras for quality inspection. The following system variations are available:

Intelligent Camera 

  • Simple camera applications
  • High level of functionality and flexibility
  • Various interfaces
  • Ideal for the integration of existing machines and systems


Fanless system 

  • Single and multiple camera applications (up to 4 cameras)
  • High level of functionality and flexibility
  • Fanless housing
  • Various interfaces
  • Ideal for the integration of existing machines and systems


Complete system

  • Multiple applications (with more than 4 cameras)
  • High level of functionality and flexibility
  • Compact electronics (industrial panel PC)
  • Various interfaces
  • Ideal for the integration of new machines and systems, e.g. assembly lines

Fields of Application

Ensuring sealant is applied completely to housings
Checking the locking position of locking rings
Checking the position of parts

Inspection of gear components:

  • Completeness of teeth
  • Tooth geometry (height, width)
  • Tooth angle
  • Teeth orientation
  • Boreholes/ oil boreholes
  • Existence of groove codes
  • Position and number of gearbox cases


Robot-guided part identification via

  • Data matrix code
  • Barcode