Automated 3D Digitization and Inspection


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The measuring assist system for car body construction

The ZEISS AIBox brings traceable coordinate measuring technology close to production. It shortens the trip to the measuring station and reduces the time needed for a measurement through the use of a robot and optical sensors.

Advanced total system – for automated scanning

Fully enclosed, fully protected and integrated

The ZEISS AIBox features a fully enclosed measuring cell. This serves not only to optimize occupational safety, but also to protect the high-resolution measuring technology against external influences. Extraneous light is eliminated, contamination reduced and temperature stability increased by the production cell. Optimal positioning of the integrated computer workstation permits space-saving and ergonomically correct work –directly at the scanning box.

Robot-guided optical sensors for high measuring speeds and 3D analyses

The robot-guided optical 3D measuring system is primarily designed for fast at-line analyses. At the same time, it is powered by the measuring expertise of ZEISS. Innovative technical features such as the blue LED technology, the integrated edge illumination module and the integrated photogrammetry system lay the foundation for the excellent overall accuracy of the 3D measuring system.

ZEISS CALIGO measuring software – one solution instead of two

The ZEISS AIBox automated measuring cell runs with ZEISS CALIGO measuring software which has proven to be very successful in car body construction. Measuring room personnel can be flexibly deployed at the scanning box. Measurement programs can be used regardless of the machine.