Robot Guidance

Highly precise robot guidance

The 2D and 3D image processing system from ZEISS enables highly precise robot guidance, in which the position of objects and parts is precisely determined. These are typical tasks in automated production which can occur in various industries.

Robot Guidance

Determining the position:

Precisely transmitting information about the location of a part is vital to both the precise positioning of the robot in the working room and the completion of downstream processing steps.

Fields of Application

Pick&Place Applications

The recognition of characteristic features of a test piece allows you to check if a part is positioned in the right location and whether it can be removed. Typical applications include automated palletizing and depalletizing, as well as part handling.

Location and Position Recognition

The exact location of the part is determined with the image processing software.

Component construction

Position features of a part are recognized and applied to components using a camera.

With 3D inline measuring technology, the position and location of a part are measured and a correction of the subsequent processing steps are made in the measuring robot program by the robotic guidance system.