Fully automatic surface inspection on the production line



One for all: the concept behind SurfMax. Be it a functional or decorative surface, matte or glossy, flat or curved, processed metal or painted plastic – SurfMax inspects them all.

SurfMax is the first configurable inline tester for the surface evaluation of 3D parts. The results are objective, reproducible and not subject to fluctuations. Specified inspection criteria can be tr ansmitted to other locations without any additional measures.


Utilizing the latest optical inspection and image processing technologies, SurfMax guarantees reliable results that leave no room for discussion. The evaluation can be easily adapted to the inspection criteria. SurfMax helps increase quality and efficiency in production.


SurfMax can be used to inspect matte and glossy metal, plastic and ceramic surfaces. The positioning unit enables the  comprehensive inspection of test pieces. Furthermore, SurfMax allows the complete, automatic documentation of the inspection, e.g. for customer verification. Additionally, wellfounded conclusions can be quickly drawn for production via the computer-based evaluation.

A conversion to other test pieces can be made at any time, thus ensuring your investment over the long term. Because customized development is not required, SurfMax is not subject to long delivery times and is quickly ready for use.




  • First standard machine on t he market for the surface inspection of 3D parts
  • Objective inspection
  • Stable and reproducible results regardless of the location or time
  • Suitable for matte to glossy surfaces
  • Inspection of metal, plastic and ceramic surfaces
  • Fast run-in of the system
  • Short delivery time