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Next Generation ZEISS EVO 18 SEM offers the latest technology in materials analysis

Next Generation ZEISS EVO 18 SEM offers the latest technology in materials analysis

CAMBRIDGE/UK, SHANGHAI/China, 20 August 2013

At Control China 2013, ZEISS releases the next generation of EVO 18. This scanning electron microscope (SEM) provides customers with the latest technology for materials analysis in areas such as steel production and manufacturing cleanliness.

The system is now available in a choice of models with industry specific solutions to suit customer needs. EVO 18 Research offers an analytical tool to academic and research organisations. EVO 18 Particle Analyzer offers a powerful image analysis tool to commercial industries, with the option for a fully integrated particle analysis and identification solution including an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS). Furthermore, the 5 segment diode BSE detector of both models offers improved low kV performance and enhanced topography information.

EVO 18 is available with a unique image browsing technology for contextualised viewing including multiple detector overlays and image stitching software. Allister McBride, Director at the ZEISS manufacturing plant for EVO 18 in Cambridge explains, “Challenging material science applications demand tools which enable high performance imaging.”

Allen Zhang, Vice President at ZEISS in Shanghai, also comments, “SEMs are playing an integral role to the materials analysis carried out by both companies and researchers. EVO 18 provides customers with improved quality and accuracy of measurements and analysis in their daily work. It sets new standards in performance excellence and enhanced productivity.”