Amenez la salle de mesure à la pièce. Solutions en bord de ligne ZEISS.

ZEISS enables to bring quality assurance technology closer to the production line. The range of powerful optical and tactile sensors together with robust kinematics will enable you to efficiently combine maximum productivity with high precision and accuracy, even at-line.


More than a robot. It’s a Hambot.

Hambot is the new generation of horizontal arm machines in metrology combining high performance of a robot with possibilities of traditional horizontal arm machines.

ZEISS CALENO is a combination of CMM accuracy, collaborative system and an outstanding multi-sensor system with an automatic tool changer. Maximum versatility and highest performance capabilities ensure higher travel speed, acceleration and accuracy in the measuring room and near production.

With its combination of high-performance optical and tactile sensors ZEISS CALENO ensures maximum productivity and precision.

Multisensor horizontal arm machine ZEISS CALENO