ZEISS X-Ray Series

Dare to see inside with ZEISS X-Ray Series

Complete solutions from ZEISS enable entry into X-ray technology

Making the invisible visible – with X-ray solutions of the ZEISS X-Ray Series, this becomes reality and opens up completely new possibilities in quality assurance. For example, internal defects can be detected, wall thicknesses can be measured or structural analyses can be performed. X-ray technology also offers many other advantages. Do you know them?

Dare to see inside with ZEISS X-Ray Series

X-ray technology provides insights into the inside of parts without destroying them. As a result, not only hidden defects become visible, but internal structures can also be measured. With only one scan, you can obtain a multitude of information regarding defects, dimensional accuracy and material properties, and thus the possibility to fully assess the quality. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and cost-intensive tests with several other inspection and measuring methods. In addition, thanks to 3D computed tomography (CT) technology, components can be reproduced, even if the CAD is not available.

Complete solutions from ZEISS enable entry into X-ray technology

Would you also like to benefit from the advantages of X-ray technology? Nothing easier than that with the ZEISS X-Ray Series. Depending on your demands, such as precise measurements of small plastic parts, fast defect analyses of aluminum castings or high-resolution material analyses of 3D manufactured parts, we can offer you a complete solution from a single source. Customers benefit from an extremely broad hardware portfolio, ranging from easy-to-use systems for every customer need, high-precision computed tomography (CT) systems, robust, automated systems for production, to high-resolution X-ray microscopes.

The software and accessory solutions as well as extensive services complete the picture. In this way, the customer receives an individual overall solution from one source.

And with the new CT ZEISS METROTOM 1, your entry to the world of X-ray technology is particularly easy. Without much previous knowledge, you can evaluate all parts with regard to defects or dimensional deviations and benefit from the advantages of the technology.

A new benchmark for accuracy

In addition to the metrologically specified ZEISS METROTOM product family, ZEISS is the only supplier that can cover high-resolution analysis applications with 3D X-ray microscopes – and recently even metrological applications. The metrology option for ZEISS Xradia Versa systems is specified to a measuring accuracy (MPE) of (1.9 + L/100) μm in terms of probing deviation – one of the lowest currently available on the market for CT metrology. This allows high-resolution metrological evaluations to be carried out in a field of view of 5 mm. This is important, for example, for the qualification of the smallest electronic components or parts that require extremely low tolerances.

In order to make this possible, ZEISS has developed METROTOM-Check Nano, a new length measurement standard in accordance with the relevant VDI/VDE 2617-13 and 2630-1.3 guidelines – a calibration standard that is so precise that it can only be traceably measured at two locations in the world. This is an ideal solution for users who are used to high accuracy from their tactile measuring devices and expect the same from CTs.

Reliable inspection in the cycle of production

X-ray solutions are used not only i n the measuring room, but also directly in production. The robust X-ray solutions of the BOSELLO product families allow very fast 2D inspection in production. If the dimensional accuracy of parts has to be carried out automatically or the exact dimensions and location of defects have to be determined, 3D computed tomography systems of the ZEISS VoluMax family are the right choice. Parts are automatically inspected and evaluated for defects and, if necessary, sorted out before high costs for processing of the defective part accumulate.

Powerful software and excellent service

For reliable quality assurance, ZEISS has high-performance software in its portfolio, such as ZEISS CALYPSO and ZEISS Automated Defect Detection. Additionally, with GOM Volume Inspect you benefit from a proven software solution for metrological evaluation. This gives you everything you need for you r inspection and measurement tasks from a single source. In this way, we provide you with the best overall solution for your application, rather than a single product.

Another benefit for you is the global ZEISS service network, which ensures that your X-ray solutions always work, with a uniform international service standard. This also includes training and education to ensure consistent quality in handling inspection and measurement tasks at all customer locations. In this way, you may concentrate fully on production with the reassuring security that comes with the total insight of a ZEISS X-ray solution.

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