ZEISS NEO insights offers comprehensive visualization possibilities in 2D and 3D as well as user-specific views and reports.

Easily visualize and analyze CT volume data

ZEISS NEO insights

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ZEISS NEO insights

CT analysis made easy

ZEISS NEO insights is the new software from ZEISS for visualizing and measuring CT volume data from ZEISS CT systems. Visual inspection, dimensional nominal/actual comparisons and reporting results – all these jobs can be performed with minimal previous knowledge thanks to the system's clear design, different automatic functions and the process-oriented user-navigation: The intuitive user interface makes it easier for operators to navigate through the software. It shows clearly what point they have reached and guides them through the entire run (“blue path”). In addition, for many jobs, you can work directly in the image window by using the mouse instead of spending comparatively more time and effort clicking through different menus.

Automatic material detection

ZEISS NEO insights features comprehensive visualization options for voxel data in 2D and 3D views. A highlight is that multiple material components are detected automatically with one click according to their density and can then be overlaid with contrasting colors.


Once found, informative visualizations can be stored in SnapViews. With just a quick click, they are available immediately or ready for use in later reports.

Automatic alignment

With ZEISS NEO insights, measuring in CT volume data has never been this fast or easy. Automatic alignment helps make this possible. Both the pre-alignment and fine alignment can be performed conveniently with a click, making metrology knowhow unnecessary.

Create inspection plans easily via Click&Pick

Inspection plans for measuring jobs are created effortlessly with ZEISS NEO insights. Measuring elements such as circles or lines are automatically recognized by the software and can be easily selected by clicking on them. ZEISS NEO insights then suggests possible characteristics and features based on the context, e.g. the distance between two circle centers. All it takes is one more click to select and program the feature. Inspection plans are created with a fewc licks and picks in next to no time.

Integrated ZEISS PiWeb reporting

ZEISS PiWeb reporting is already integrated into the software, quickly compiling professional measuring reports, including informative displays. A design module for a company-specific report design is available as an add-on. If necessary, ZEISS PiWeb reporting can be extended with comprehensive statistics functions and can be embedded in networked ZEISS PiWeb quality data management systems.

ZEISS NEO viewer

Free ZEISS NEO viewer

The free ZEISS NEO viewer makes the inspection results obtained with ZEISS NEO insights available to anyone. Results can be presented interactively in the original software environment. ZEISS NEO viewer also gives anyone the option of opening CT volume data and having different 2D and 3D views displayed.

For downloading the ZEISS NEO viewer please go to our ZEISS Software Download Portal.