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ZEISS Reverse Engineering

Closing the gap between measuring systems and CAD programs with highly accurate and high-quality surface reconstruction, effective handling of point clouds, dedicated functions for automated tool correction, and full integration in measurement and digitization software.

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ZEISS Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering and tool correction


  • Highly precise reverse engineering
  • User-friendly operation, modern optics
  • Simple processing of point clouds
  • Automated standard geometry recognition
  • CAD quality analysis
  • Basic CAD functions
  • Special functions for tool correction

CAD data from point clouds

Reverse engineering is an important step to extract the design data from a finished component. The part must first be scanned, e.g. with an optical sensor or with a computer tomograph.

High result quality

From the resulting point clouds, ZEISS Reverse Engineering generates surface descriptions which can then be processed in the CAD system. As a result, complex surfaces can be described in their entirety with small data quantities. Standard geometries are not only described as an approximation, but also through exact geometric elements. In addition to the precise description of the model, the algorithms smooth the surfaces to an extent that the transitions are as tangentially constant and curvature-constant as possible – a must for optimal milling paths.

The tools for your reverse engineering tasks

Various, easy-to-use tools to interactively process all your point clouds in your session

  • Rectangle-, polygon- und lasso-selection (XoR-, add- und remove-mode)
  • Intuitive and efficient management of activated points
  • Easy deletion of outliers/noise from your scan

Reliable algorithms for the analysis and the automated postprocessing of the underlying point cloud

  • Curvature estimation to support the segmentation of the underlying point cloud
  • Feature extraction for the automated detection of standard geometry elements
  • Algorithms for the thinning, smoothing and clusteringof the given scan data
  • Highly accurate approximation of unstructured point clouds by means of NURBS-surfaces
  • Sophisticated tools and functionalities for postprocessing all generated geometries
  • Important tools for analyzing the quality of the calculated curves and surface
  • Easy creation of standard geometries using discrete 3D-point-information
  • Provision of important CAD-functionalities in order to completely reverse engineer complex parts:
    Intersecting / Connecting / Extending
  • Important functionalities to analyze the quality of the calculated elements


Our unique selling points

Highly accurate and high-quality surface reconstruction

Reverse engineer your scanned object using highly advanced algorithms and guarantee your customers a high-quality surface of your object that meets the highest demands on accuracy. 

Patented tool correction method in injection molding

The powerful software package ZEISS Reverse Engineering features a method for tool correction for which ZEISS has been granted the patent for.
Optimize your master pattern tool in an effective, iterative correction process using sophisticated reverse engineering techniques. ZEISS Reverse Engineering provides the necessary functionalities to significantly reduce your time-consuming and costly iterations in your correction process for a faster start of your production.