Measuring Services

Contract Measurement

We measure your workpieces quickly and reliably as contracted. With our excellent measuring technology, we will efficiently provide you with the information you need.


With our computed tomography contract measurement, we provide over 10 years of experience in data acquisition and analysis.

Gear Measurement

We offer gear measurements and analyses combined with our extensive expertise and years of experience.

Optical Measurement

The benefits of optical measuring technology are its high point density and speed. You receive informative results in a very short time.


With a calibration certificate, you receive traceability of the measuring results to national standards, as well as information about the measuring uncertainty, with which the results were obtained.

Measuring Process Assessment

During MPA, we analyze your measuring processes and help you identify any potential improvements.

On Site Support

We provide support when you are faced with personnel shortages, new measuring tasks resulting from an enlarged range of parts or higher demands on the measurement of existing parts.