Gear Measurement

ZEISS coordinate measuring machines and ZEISS GEAR PRO software enable you to measure and analyze in accordance with standards of all common gear wheel types up to an outer diameter of 3 meters and weight of 16 tons.

We provide professional support for your measuring tasks thanks to our decades of experience in gear wheel measuring technology, and will find the right measuring procedure for each of your applications.
The measuring solution is based on each application. This can be a measurement with or without a rotary table and star stylus system, or a horizontal measurement with a fan stylus system.

The analysis of the gear measurement adheres to national and international standards, such as DIN, ISO, AGMA and JIS, or user-defined tolerances.

When provided with a CAD model, we can also use ZEISS METROTOM computer tomographs to generate a nominal/actual comparison of gears made of plastic, in addition to the standard gear wheel diagrams.

Cylindrical gear

Involute gears and splines as well as splines with linear profiles can be measured. It does not matter if it is an external or internal gear, spur or helical. Special shapes such as conically corrected gears or beveloids as well as parallel key splines or serrated splines can also be analyzed.

Spiral and straight bevel gear

A distinction is made between spiral and straight bevel gears. All variations such as pinions, ring gears and dies can also be measured. The nominal data can be generated in typical industry formats such as Gleason (GAGE) or Klingenberg (KIMOS), or can be imported from a CAD model. If there is no nominal data, the master gear method (or digitization) can also be applied.


All typical worm profiles such as ZI, ZA, ZN and ZK can be measured and analyzed in accordance with the standards.


For the measurement of rotors (screw compressors), male (primary rotor), female (auxiliary rotor) and straight rotors are supported. The nominal data for the measurement can be provided as a profile transverse section or as a CAD model.


Single and multiple-thread hobs for the production of involute gears can be measured. Full-profile hobs and block hobs, as well as hobs with turning plates are supported. Hobs with tangential cutting geometries can also be measured.