Quality Assurance Brings New Confidence

Jamco Aerospace increases quality and reduces measurement time

The manufacturing industry has changed dramatically in the last 40 years. Jamco Aerospace Incorporated recognized these changes and realized how critical it is to incorporate advanced quality inspection equipment into their manufacturing processes to stay competitive. They use two scanning CMMs (coordinate metrology machines) from Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology to ensure the precision of these processes every step of the way.

The situation

Jamco Aerospace is a manufacturer of complex, structural components typically used in the aerospace industry. The company is a full-service machining and airframe sub-assembly facility. Some of their larger customers include Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Spirit AeroSystems and the US government. In 2006 Jamco decided they needed more efficient quality inspection equipment Their existing CMM and manual gauges were no longer effective; they needed a new CMM with better measuring technology.

“I have been involved in this business for over 40 years and the manufacturing base in the US has grown increasingly smaller and more competitive,” says Dr. Jack Lee, CEO of Jamco. “The scanning inspection technology is spreading fast and I believe the key is to improve quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, otherwise the final inspection is completely worthless.”

Technical specification fulfilled

After an in-depth review, Jamco decided that a Carl Zeiss CONTURA G2 VAST XXT RDS with scanning technology was the best fit for their inspections. The CONTURA G2 is robust and the right size for their parts. The VAST XXT RDS articulating probe is designed for measuring small features and lots of angles. The scanning technology allows them to get much more information in a shorter amount of time than with their previous CMM, a feature that brings down manufacturing costs by improving efficiency. Typical parts for Jamco are structural bulkheads or fittings used in aircraft which they measure for in-process and final inspection. The increased efficiency has resulted in more orders over the years although most of their parts require 100 percent inspection. As the number of parts and orders grew, the company knew it would need an additional CMM. In 2011 they purchased a large gantry CMM, an MMZ T 20/50/15 which could not only measure larger parts, but also large lot sizes of smaller parts. Jamco appreciates the simplicity and user-friendliness of CALYPSO software. “Once you know what to look for it is pretty straight forward,” say Ronald Lee, Quality Control Manager at Jamco. This allows you to spend more time measuring than programming, unlike with our previous metrology software,” adds Lee.

Increased efficiency

The ZEISS systems have helped Jamco gain more customers with their improved quality inspection accuracy and efficiency. Their previous touch-trigger CMM collected about 100 points in 2 to 3 hours while the ZEISS scanning CMM gathers about 1000 points in just 1 to 2 minutes. Jamco currently measures approximately 30 parts a day. For larger orders of about 40 parts, they like to use the AutoRun feature so entire lots of parts can be inspected automatically. The ZEISS systems have given Jamco the confidence in their ability to do more inspections and projects. “Quality assurance throughout all of our manufacturing processes has brought new confidence to us and our customers,” states Dr. Jack Lee.

About the company

Jamco Aerospace Inc. was founded in 1967. Headquartered in New York State, the company manufactures complex and precision-manufactured components and riveted sub-assemblies for military and commercial companies.