Automated to the Measuring Program


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  • Manufacturer-neutral programs in DMIS format
  • High degree of automation
  • Measurement plan formats of all leading carmakers
  • Machine simulation
  • Collision check
  • Change management
  • I++ DME interface

Automated programming

ZEISS iDA provides the metrologist with efficient tools for measurement planning and off-line programming in car body construction. Thanks to a large number of automated functions ZEISS iDA accelerates the conversion of measuring plans into measuring programs. These are relayed in the standardized DMIS format to the appropriate measuring machines, regardless of the manufacturer. The abbreviation iDA stands for Integrated DMISGen Application. iDA accommodates the measuring plan formats of all leading carmakers.


With ZEISS iDA, measurement planning and programming are performed using a complete 3D representation of the measuring machine, fixture and part. To simplify programming, the software uses standardized measuring principles which are, however, flexible thanks to parameterization.

The complete measuring run in simulated virtually and checked for possible collisions. The automated change management functionality of ZEISS iDA assists the metrologist in integrating changes to the measurement plans reliably and quickly in the corresponding measuring programs.